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Yaaaaaaay. It's finally here. My fave ever blog post, What I Got For Christmas 2016. Honestly, I'm pretty overwhelmed at all the amazing presents I received, I had the best day spent with family and my boyfriend! 

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas or a happy holiday! If you've done a blog post, or a Youtube video on what you received then feel free to leave it in the comments below, I'd love to see!

I received a VR set which is one of the coolest things I've ever been gifted, I've had a go on the rollercoaster, Jurassic Park and Insidious games, it's so good. I also got a Chihuahua money box, some shower gels, and a Lipsy bronzer and all over body bronzer too. 

I received an address book, chocolates, lip balms, Maybelline nail varnishes, a travel mug, and a cute Flutter set which comes with rose gold clippers, a mirror, and pouch!

This heart candle set is absolutely beautiful, they sit on a tray of white stones, they're so aesthetically pleasing it's unreal. I'm over the moon with my shower speaker, it's so loud, I'm really impressed with it! Of course I received lip balms, how could I not?! Alongside these adorable cocktail baubles and candle!!! And the Trainspotting DVD!

I received a Yankee Candle Wax Burner, and a No7 skin care gift set! 

This storage box is absolutely stunning, I'm definitely keeping it! It was filled with so many goodies from Liz Earle too! Also I can vouch for this hairdryer, it's amazing, it made my hair super soft! And more chocolates yay!  

 I was so excited to open these Tarte brushes, they're double ended, and so soft! Plus the box they're stored in is absolute goals. I received a Zumba DVD because I wanna get more active, and a portable charger yaaaas. I received some cocktail scented lip balms and a choker! 

Yay for The Lion King pjs, they're the softest things EVER! And would you just look at this next gift. I screamed when I opened it, it's THE BELL FROM POLAR EXPRESS!!!!! 

I was gifted a beautiful jewellery box that says 'life is a journey enjoy the ride' on it, alongside Revolution eyeshadows, HighBrow lip glosses, and Tanya Burr makeup!

I received some super cute slippers, a gorgeous hat and scarf, and Next perfume which comes with a body souffle!  

 You can't go wrong with socks, am I right? Or lip balms, again... I also received a jewellery holder and bath fizzers!

 I was gifted a vintage looking photo frame, Zoella lip balms (the gingerbread one smells insane), lipsticks and a cleanser!

 Yay I'm so excited about this Light Up Mason Jar, it looks so pretty! Alongside a furry sleep mask, ah I love it! I also received a Revolution eyeshadow palette, Flutter lipbalms, body sprays and Beyonce Rise perfume!

 This cute storage box has really come in handy to store my Christmas presents in, as my bedroom is so full, I was worried I would have nowhere to put my new presents! More chocolate yes please! And a Freedom palette, and Simple skin care! 

 Loving this copper cup, it's so cute! A Car care kit which is needed tbh, Nivea skincare and a Lynx set (pretty standard present)

 I'm in love with this rose gold flask and mug set, Little Brow Book, Zoella Gingerbread Village candle (smells peng), soap, L'Oreal clay mask, and a beauty blender that sits on top of a holder!

I also received Iced Cranberry candles which come in the cutest packaging, metallic nail varnish, more lipbalms...and an eyeshadow palette!

I was gifted more bath products, a Paris notebook, another eyeshadow palette, a Studio beauty calendar which is full of nail varnish, and an Academy of Colour makeup set!

More socks with glitter on, the most gorgeous notebook ever, Vodka and a hip flask (so cool), Champagne Fizz bath products, and a gorgeous purple bag from New Look!

I received so many lovely clothes from New Look, such as a black dress with a slit on the leg, a skirt, and a black strappy top!

I love reading, I'm a huge book worm, so it's the best thing ever opening books! I also received some Revolution makeup brushes, and another bath set!

I was gifted a bomber jacket, a gorgeous skirt and a beaut Stay Positive jumper that I paired together on Christmas day!

We played the Tension board game on Boxing Day and it was so much fun, it's like Family Fortune! This pug hot water bottle is too cute for words, and I also received a brolly and a Soap and Glory set in a suitcase!!

I received a Microfibre Turbie Towel, a Solar Pug for my car, clippers, makeup wipes and sweets!

I also received a pink top that hangs down at the front to reveal lace, a gorgeous dress, and a festive hot water bottle cover! 

I received the Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume, a Mark Hill hair set, Soap and Glory skincare (in my fave scent ever), and Lipsy makeup!

Yay for more books! I also received hand warmers, another Tanya Burr makeup set, nail varnish and highlighters!

And lastly, the gifts from my boyfriend!

Adidas leggings, and A DOG BED SHEET!!! I'M IN HEAVEN!

I got so excited over this Vanilla room spray and diffuser, I'm such a home decor nerd. I also received some Maybelline and French Connection makeup, and a Starbucks mug!

It's safe to say I cried when I opened these lol, I wasn't expecting them!

Billy kindly got me some Infinity earrings!

And my birth stone (Sapphire) earrings!

He also got me OPI nail varnishes, an Elizabeth Arden set, and Yankee Candles!

He did so well...he got me an ASOS watch, which I am in LOVE with!

And lastly he got me the Real Technique brush set, and the Sanctuary Spa Make A Wish gift set!

Also before I forget me and my fave girls did Secret Santa recently, we had the best day, we got all dressed up, ventured into Leeds for Chinese food and drinks, and then went back to my grandmas where we made Hot Chocolate and got all cosy opening presents! Tash got me wonderful gifts...she got me The Body Shop Vanilla Chai candle, three Lush bath bombs, and Thornton's chocolates!

Honestly, I'm so overwhelmed by all these presents...I have the best family, friends and boyfriend ever! I had the best Christmas! XOXO B.


  1. You lucky little thing, looks like you were absolutely spoilt rotten! I'm glad you had a fab day :) those Pandora rings are absolutely gorgeous!


  2. You got so many amazing gifts! I'm so happy for you, you are truly lucky. I got lots of socks, candles, tickets to the theater and other exciting things that I'm very grateful for :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. Wow lucky you! I'd have cried if I received those pandora earrings too haha! X

    Terri x

  4. Oh my, you got some lovely stuff! I got the makeuprev eye palette too! Love it

  5. Wow, you got so many amazing presents! I'm so in love with those RT and Revolution brushes! Where are the Stay Positive top and skirt from? Ellie xo

  6. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas!! I have always wanted to try a rollercoaster game on virtual reality!!! Love your watch as well!
    Kate Xx

  7. What a lovely gifts you got! ◠‿◠ ♡

    Do you wanna follow each other through GFC or Instagram? Lemme know ♥

    * Blog de la Licorne *

  8. These are such amazing presents! Love the watch and I have massive makeup brush envy rn xx

    Rebecca x |

  9. Wow! I couldn't believe I wasn't at the end about half way down haha! You definitely got some amazing gifts. I love that set with the little jar candle holders on the tray, so cute. That photo frame too and wow, so many chapsticks haha! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year hun?
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

  10. That makeup revolution palette... agh, I need it!
    Aleeha xXx


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